The age of the smartphone has brought huge success to casual games. What do solving Rubik's Cubes, Tetris, Angry Birds, and Candy crush all have in common? At first glance, they are easy to play, with simple mechanics, and highly addictive. But if you look closer, you'll see that they are NP hard problems, the sort of problems science is trying to find answers for. Yet, they are solved at an amazing speed and with huge regularity by the avid gamer!

Alongside gamers, Quantum Computers have proven to provide methods to efficiently tackle NP Hard problems. One of the big problems stopping us from solving these problems is the lack of robust Quantum Algorithms. For example, the ongoing research in Quantum Error Correction.

What if we can marry both NP hard problem solvers together to achieve this breakthrough - to take things a step further, by putting the Quantum world in the hands of the casual gamer?

This is the goal of Quarks Interactive.

Our Quantum Puzzle Creator is a tool we made to design and solve puzzles. Our vision is that Quantum Odyssey will soon be in the hands of Quantum Physicists, Chemists, Astrophysicists, Engineers and Computer Scientists the world over. Science will translate its needs into quantum puzzles, as challenges for the world to solve.

The living world of Quantum Odyssey is one we are building practicing the lessons learned by the game dev industry. One full of fun and wonder, that cries out to be explored and discovered.

This world's main aim is to expose the player to real world problems in a fascinating setting full of intrigue and mystery; the types of which we commonly see in video games intended for all audiences.

This world, however, has its own tricks.

It gently introduces the tools and the mindset[1] to solve addictive quantum puzzles, whilst it immerses the player in an optimization game about surviving the harshness of deep space.

Then, it goes beyond that. It brings forth a narrative that is carefully designed to hook players to their screens, paying heed to lessons learned in compelling story writing whilst remaining firmly grounded in realistic science.

With visualisations of quantum experiments such as the E.V. Bomb checker [2] or Quantum Teleportation[3],  the player is led on a journey beyond compare.

A vivid, powerful visual representation of the most exciting possibilities the revolution of Quantum Computing will bring forward.

With a smooth learning curve and addictive mechanics, accessing and understanding the Quantum World, and how quantum algorithms can be created, has never been easier or more fun.

We published the first science paper on Quantum Literacy.


1. Lucien Hardy, Quantum Theory From Five Reasonable Axioms, arXiv:quant-ph/0101012

2. Elitzur, A.C. & Vaidman, L. Found Phys (1993) 23: 987.

3. Pirandola, S.; Eisert, J.; Weedbrook, C.; Furusawa, A.; Braunstein, S. L. (2015). "Advances in Quantum Teleportation". Nature Photonics. 9 (10): 641–652. arXiv:1505.07831



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The video game we are working to create is a unique concept. This is the first time the type of puzzles we present will reach a large audience and as well, the first time science is presented at its full ritchness (without approximations or any form of dillution) in the form of a video game.