Quarks Interactive presents

Quantum Odyssey

The door of history turns on small hinges

You are an advanced AI in control of a ship of exploration representing the vanguard of humanity's interstellar future built for a single purpose: to analyze and retrieve, if safe, the xenomorphic object cruising through interstellar space. The stakes are high. This is a one time opportunity to get answers to the big question in everyone's head: is there intelligent life in the Universe?

In your mission to explore and seek out new life, you must solve the problems that you encounter by whatever means available, including the unconventional use of advanced quantum algorithms.

This cutting edge technology proves to have an unintended effect, every time you exploit the quantum world, it fights back, splitting into a landscape of different possibilities. As the notion of a singular, certain reality, dissolves, and the crew begins to question both their understanding and your cybernetic sanity, it's a forward, and backwards, race against time for your state of the art AI brain to bring reality into balance and achieve your mission.

Learn how to manipulate atoms on an Interferometry table

Teach the crew how to navigate the Multiverse

Mankind's most apt explorers have been dispatched to recover the object from interstellar space, in an all  or nothing mission to retrieve it as it passes by the corners of our galaxy. Their fragile solar ship  must cross the void of deep space, on an odyssey beyond comparison.

No ammount of training on Earth could prepare them for what is to come. Yet, the ingenuity of mankind
and its creations are what has lead us here; and our undying curiousity pushes us to open doors that
might be best left closed. Is our tenacity and will sufficient to prevail in the face of the cosmic

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